Wild Blue Gear Shipping and Fulfillment Update for 16-JUN-20

Hi there,

We're reaching out to all our customers currently waiting on a recent order.  We are doing our best to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.  Under the current circumstances, lead time is a lot longer than just three months ago (when we were accustomed to shipping in 2-7 business days).

We are also trying our best to communicate the current fulfillment expectations, beginning with lead time estimates on every product page (see below), and links to our fulfillment updates page here.

Current shipping / fulfillment estimates:
23-28 business days for t-shirts and hoodies
16-20 business days for hats
3-7 business days for posters.

We really appreciate your patience, and the last thing we want is for any customer to be caught off-guard; or even worse, disappointed.  That's why these estimates have appeared on our product pages since mid-April, when lead time began to be impacted by COVID-19.

What does this mean for your order?
Right now, orders dated before 11-MAY have all shipped, and orders between 11-18 MAY are in progress.  Most orders placed since 18-MAY are still awaiting fulfillment.  We are working to cut-down this lead time and we'll update regularly as it develops.

What can we do?
We control only a short length of the supply chain that gets our products to you.  A lot of the same resources we rely on are serving PPE demands as well. 
Because of this, there is not much we can do to accelerate any individual order, but here's what we can do:

- Communicate your order status and our fulfillment situation generally, to keep you in the loop as we get-back-to-normal.  This email and the measures discussed above are part of that.  Feel free to reach out any time for updates.

- If you are planning on your order for a certain event (Father's Day, Graduation, Birthday), please get in touch.  We are happy to provide a virtual card -- including your chosen design -- that you can provide to your gift recipient in the meantime.  If this is of interest, please let us know.
Thank you again for your patience and support.  

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