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  • Impact of COVID-19 on Wild Blue Gear

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  • The Dawn of the Supersonic Age

    Transonic flight was an opaque no man's land that responded to interlopers with unmerciful violence.  That was more the barrier than one with any basis in physics, yet this underlines both the risk and the daring of the X-1 undertaking. 
  • Re-Discovery

    Taken altogether, being an aerospace engineer has a potential long term payoff - I can point to one or two small advancements in which I proudly played a part. However, on a day-to-day basis that pace rarely fulfilled my interest as an aircraft enthusiast.  
  • The Wright Stuff

    After its trials at Kill Devil Hills, the aircraft, much of it broken, was crated up and stored back in Dayton, where it remained for 12 years.  The achievement was not a pinnacle to the Wrights: it was a step. An iteration.
  • We are where we're from

    Why a company about aviation launched with products about tarmac, gravel, turf, water and dirt.