Preferred Runway (optional)

Let us know your runway preference for your aircraft overlay! 

The aircraft will be aligned on the requested runway, with its nose pointing away from the runway number.

For example, here is a Vans RV-7 at ZPH, lined up on runway 05.

Runway preference: "05".

Space permitting, we can also put the aircraft 'on final', or 'departing'.

Runway preference: "07, on final"


Prefer another location entirely?  Just send us the lat/long of your helipad / apron / favorite spot at the facility.

Location preference: "29-28-16.19N, 81-12-18.73W, facing runway 11-19"


If you don't specify, it's no problem! We'll use our best judgment to locate the aircraft.

In either case, you'll get to see a mock-up of the design and an opportunity to provide feedback before it is final.