Special Requests

We get special requests all the time. We will do our best to make your Wild Blue Gear more personal for you.  We can accommodate many requests without additional charge.  More elaborate requests or those that increase our costs may or will carry an additional charge.  Please see examples below.

No change in pricing

Here are some examples of what we can do without additional charge:

- Overlay the aircraft on a specified runway or helipad (on eligible products)

- Color the aircraft (on eligible products)

- Print the artwork on the back

- Add a single line of text on the same side as the artwork, like a tail number.

- Substitute non-standard colors, if available.

- Correct or update design to improve accuracy or representation.

- Add an aircraft to our overlay library.


Possible change in pricing

The following requests may affect pricing. Please inquire in advance of ordering.  We are happy to mock-up any product before you make your purchase decision.

- Women's / Non-unisex apparel

- Children's T-Shirts (Toddler and Youth)

- Heavier weight T-shirt fabrics (6-7oz/sq-yd)

- Substitute larger sizes (up to 5XL for t-shirts, or up to 23 7/8in circumference for hats)

- Design work for group sales or potential broad interest


Additional charge

The following requests increase pricing, please refer to our Custom Products Collection or contact us.

- Two sided printing

- Other apparel (long sleeves, jackets, all-over-prints)

- Custom, personalized artwork (audience of one).